miércoles, 3 de marzo de 2010

Olsen Favorite

Another of my favorites Mary-Kate Olsen's look:

What I like the most?
The Stella McCartney Mesh Sandals.
Here are some more pics so you can see them better:

Source: intheolsenscloset.blogspot.com

After almost a whole year looking for a similar pair of shoes I found a pair in Next. They're not the original but they are still gorgeous. The ones in the pic are really expensive :( I'll show you what they look like in another post.

I think I have never seen any celeb wearing these pieces the way she does, mixing up a white blazer with a black sweater and shoes! Amazing look! Oh... and have a look at the jewlery and the pashmina, it is a great combination! That's why it is one of my favorites... What do you think?

Today has been a very complete day... I apologise I haven't had time to make a larger pot but I promise a bigger one soon!

Hope you like the outfit!

Thanx for reading! :D

9 comentarios:

  1. Those are really cute sandals!
    You're lucky you got something similar!

  2. cool sandals...already lovin them!!!!

  3. pero como me gusta mk!!! es taaan monaaa, se ponga lo que se ponga, y mira que a veces...va exa un cuadro, pero da igual!!!
    gracias x cometarme. un beso

  4. i agree i love MK's style!

    <a href="http://walkoffashion.blogspot.com/>Walk of Fashion</a>

  5. those heels are killer! look so cool with mk's outfit :)


  6. Son una pasada los zapatos!

    Besitos fashionistas

  7. love hose shoes.

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