miércoles, 17 de marzo de 2010

Favorites: Leopard Print Jacket

Hi everyone!
I guess you all remember that leopard print jacket I showed you posts before... Yes, the one I asked for your opinion...
Well, thanks to your advice, I decided to finally keep it! I'm so glad I did!! Because now I've been thinking about all the possible outfits I colud wear with it! And I also think it is a very good investment for next autumn/winter.
I couldn't help but wear it the very next day... and I even like it more now!

I took a few images for you to see it...

I know thy are not the best quality pictures, and I had very little space because my room is so tiny... so I couldn't take pics of the whole outfit...
So I had to take more pictures to show you that I've been wearing my new Peep Toe Boots! (Yes, the ones I showed you)

I'm sorry about the pictures but it's the only way I can take them right now, but I promise I'll improve!

Hope you like them!!
Any ideas on how could I take better pics in a tiny space?

Again, thanks for reading and THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your advice! You have really convinced me and I'm so happy now! THANX
Take care!

12 comentarios:

  1. thanks for your comment! i love this outfit!! i love leopard prints!

  2. si es que es todo un acierto de compra...te queda genial!!!

  3. The outfit looks great! Happy you kept the coat ;)

  4. I love this jacket. It's amazing! I adore your blog.

    You've gained a new follower ;)



  5. gorgeous GORGEOUS fur. love it. i have something similar! :)

  6. Si si, valla pedazo de piernas, jijiji XDDD

  7. I love this leopard jacket, I have one like that also! Nice boots, u look so pretty!