martes, 16 de marzo de 2010

Favorites: Christian Louboutin Alty Boots

Hi everybody!
As I have no outfits to show you today... I'll post one of my favorite items at the moment (actually, it's been a long time since they became one of my favorites) - Christina Louboutin Alty Boots


But maybe you like them better when you see what they look like...

Personally, I think Olivia looks very actual because of the boots, in contrast with her classic cut dress...

As you can see, Victoria owns a big collection of these Alty Boots, I wish I had at least a pair... :( I know I've been posting a lot of Victoria but I just couldn't find a better example for these boots...
The five last looks are my favorites, the boots looks amazing mixed with a minidress/skirt, don't you think?

I promise I'll have soon new outfits to show you... as i've decided to keep the leopard print coat :D Thank you bloggers, you helped me a lot with your comments!!

Hope you like the post, and the shoes!
Take care!

PD: Sorry I cannot remember where I took the images from as I had them in my computer long before I create this blog, if anybody wants me to reference, pleas contact me.

15 comentarios:

  1. omg!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE THEM!!

  2. Those are the most gorgeous boots ever! I swear I will own a pair of these in the future haha :P

  3. I adore these shoes~! Love your post: Olivia Palermo looks so fine, and I like VB's style!

  4. OMG love love love <3 Esp. Victoria's ones :) Gorgeous!

  5. me alegro de que te quedaras con el abrigo...te aseguro que es una buena compra...

    en cuanto a las imposible que no te gusten...eso sí...yo soy incapaz de llevar tacones...lo una fashion victim incapaz de llevar vez en cuando lo intento...pero aguanto poco...qué se le va a hacer...así que...aunque pudiera permitirme estas botas...poco partido les sacaría...


  6. Me gusta la chaqueta, me daré una vuelta a ver si aprovecho el descuento de H&M.
    Un saludo!

  7. I love the nude colour one! Amazing boots

  8. I don't quite like the light colored boots, but I am in love with the dark ones Victoria Beckham's wearing in those images. They look fierce!

  9. Me encantaron!! se ven re lindos con cualquier estilo. Hasta a Victoria con shorts!
    Me gustaron más los del color de Olivia.

  10. They are very nice, and multi wearable!

  11. Son una pasada, mi profesora de piano tiene que tener un armario lleno de estos zapatos y botines, siempre lleva de Christian!

    ¡Besitos fashionistas!

  12. they really are such hot classic boots


  13. i'm on a hunt for a bargain pair just like those! thanks for the comment btw :)

    helen xx