martes, 30 de marzo de 2010

Influence: Christine Centenera

Heyy!! I'm back in Spain!!!
It's my second day here but I still haven't stopped!! This is crazy!
Today is my father's birthday so I'll take some pics of my outfit, which I pretend to post tomorrow... I still haven't had so much time to reply to all of your comments but I will, I promise. Thanks to everybody because you make me so happy with your messages!

As I didn't have much time cause I have to go in half an hour... i decided to post this pic of Christine Centenera. She's one of the most stylish girls in the fashion world and is always shot by The Sartorialist and Garance Doré, where I took the pic from. I have always liked her style and she has inspired me so many times. Do you like her?
I like her LV denim scarf so much! She's matching nude colours and denim, and I think it's very clever to mix two trends that are so important right now!
But I have to say, her softness and charm help the look a lot! Don't you think?

I'm planning to go shopping with my friend tomorrow, but I'm not sure i can buy more stuff as I have to go back to England and it will be a problem for muy luggage :(... sadly... There are some new shops in the city centre which we want to go to and see if we find something interesting within all the amazing stuff they have! Will I be able not to shop? hahaha we'll know tomorrow, and of course I'll let you know how was the shopping day and I'm hoping to take some more new pics of interesting things here in Valencia to show you.

Thanks so much for reading even when I have not much time to post... :( Thanks a lot!!
Take Care!

15 comentarios:

  1. I love that picture and how she mixed her clothes...:)

  2. i saw her once but shes not that tall

  3. nude colours and denim are my FAVORITE! :) i constantly try to incorporate them into my outfits. i love love reading about people that influence other people's fashion. so i love this post! :)
    xoxo, rose

  4. wow that jacket is a GREAT color!

  5. Yes, this girl has amazing style! I love that Michelin man jacket!

  6. Lovely outfit!!!!
    Love your blog!


  7. Thanks for your comments! I'm so glad you like it! I'm sorry I havent got much time to reply to all of you, but when I sit for a while I promise to visit all of your blogs and thank you "personally".
    Thanx a lot!

  8. Christine can do no wrong in my eyes! I love everything about her!! And yes, that scarf is FABULOUS!!

  9. I really like your jacket. Looks good on you!

  10. great post! i love her. she is so fashionable.she embraces what i want my closet to look like/who i want to dress.