domingo, 14 de marzo de 2010

Influence: Victoria Beckham

Hi bloggers!
For me, today has been a sort of 'remember', so I've been thinking about how I started to be interested in fashion, to be concerned about style and to know what it really means and represents.
One of the people that I thought of was Victoria Beckham. She's one of my all-time idols, and I want to share it with all my followers by showing you some of her best outfits (from my point of view, of course).

In this pic I fell in love with that Louboutin shoes, they are great, but still haven't found anything similar... And her haircut is great!

I think mixing gray and beige is always a good choice!

At the time, I was looking for a similar belt/corse and couldn't find one, now there are loads! :D

She really knows how to perfectionate a masculine look! And her shades... OMG

Giraffe print... just amazing!

This pic is from a few years ago, but she's already wearing a fur coat!

That pants... that pose...

I like her style so much because I think she really understands fashion and has a great sense of style, very personal, simple and chic, she knows how to make an outfit special without adding too much unnecesary stuff.
I know these pics are a bit old but for me, now she has a more lady-like style, something not too easy for me to wear in my every-day life, and her outfits are timeless, so you can get inpiration even from old outfits!

What do you think of her style? Do you like it?
Again, thanks so much for reading!
Have fun and take care!

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  1. La verdad es q esta mujer va siempre rompiendo moldes, en lo q a pelo se refiere va siempre impecable!

  2. Me gusta su estilo cuando no va muy recargada.

    ¡Besitos fashionistas!

  3. I don't like her so much...first of all I think she's a little too thin, it's not natural...but I can't say anything bad about her style...she's got some nice pics :)

  4. Me encanta el estilo de VB, aunque no digo lo mismo de ella...Es demasiado superficial!

    Tu blog también me gusta!

    Por cierto, hay un vendedor en Ebay que solo vende cinturones y tenía una réplica del de VB que buscas...Creo que era en el de UK
    Espero haberte ayudado!

    un saludito

  5. Personally I just love her. She's a truly fashion icon <3 She's got style, class and talent.
    Kisses xxx

  6. I adore VB's style! She look so amazing every time! Love your post! Thanks for your comment, come back soon!

  7. I'm not a huge VB fan, although she does wear some nice things - she just always seems a little too unnaturally perfect! I understand that she does have a good innate sense of style, though.

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  9. it's funny, i would never consider myself a victoria fan, but i might just change my mind after this post! i never realized how versatile her style was, i usually only see her in super tight/short dresses. but you chose a great variety of her looks, great post! :)
    i hope you profile more of the people in fashion who inspire you, it's one of my favorite things to ask people!

    xoxo, rose.

    p.s. my first comment for some reason got deleted, sorry!

  10. love your blog!!
    VB is definitely a master of sophisticated-chic.

  11. Thanks, we're gonna follow you as well :)
    Kisess xxx

  12. I love Viky as you..the only thing i dont like is the fake nose and when she goes to skinny..but about her style and sense of fashion :NO DOUBTS!! Top QUALITY!!!