martes, 23 de febrero de 2010

Proenza Schouler PS1

What I've been looking for...

I'm so in love with this bag, I love it in all of its sizes and colors!!
Reasons why I like it so much:
1. It's stylish

2. It is also comfortable.

3. You can use it daily...

Picture from

4. ... or in special occasions

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I also like the version Mary-Kate was wearing in the other post. I think she knows really well how to wear it. I love the personal touch it gives to her looks, that's why I think she's the best example to show.

I would be very glad if I could get a similar version, so if any of you know where can I find it I'd be sooooo grateful! Please tell me if you find something very very similar!
This is my everyday obsession!! xD

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  1. amoree, si lo encuentras avisame!! xD

  2. i love that bag too. i planned to feature it on my blog in white next week. that snake skin is sooo lux! it might be my favourite!

    Walk of Fashion
    Walk of Fashion

  3. love this bag! whats the purse (bag) called????