sábado, 27 de febrero de 2010

Favorites: My Jacket

This is my favortie Zara jacket. It became my personal "it" item the moment I bought it, and it after 3 years it still is, even the used way it looks now.

I like wearing it with some oversized scarf or pashmina and a little "pseudo-2.55", the one in the picture broke :(, it was my mom's purse, and she gave it to me 3 years ago. I'm looking for a place to repare it but I still don't know were to take it...

These pictures bring back lots of thoughts... My friend Ana took the last picture. I can't wait to come back to Spain and take more!!

Hope u like it! X

5 comentarios:

  1. Amazing jacket! Great cut and style - I'm not surprised you still love it.
    I need one for Winter coming up in Australia, but I don't have Zara here :(

    Stace x


  2. muchas gracias por el comentario! me encanta tu cazadora de cuero!!

    un besazoo

  3. i have one similar--it looks great on you!

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